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Dental Arte Inc. was founded in 1994 with the intention to design and furnish Laboratories and Dental Practices across North America,
as result as a today Dental Arte inc. is one of the leading companies in the North America market offering exclusive and personal design,
often unusual matching between classic,natural and synthetic,after sale service,consulting, ready to ship parts.

 Image Gallery

In this gallery you will see pictures taking from our customers or by us during an installation through the years.
if you have our furniture and you would like add pictures to this galley, please send your photo and we will post here.

We offer more options: 


Luna  Catalogue

Luna & L’altro a new dispenser concept. Luna is a dispenser of disposable products, Wipes, gloves, masks and cups. L’altro is an infrared soap or disinfectant dispenser. Each can be purchased alone or together for a unique look to any space. Available in 7 matte colors.


TAO Catalogue

A brand-new concept TAO redefines the role of furniture in the dental officein terms of spaces, safety and organization.


Ecco Catalogue

ECCO a new modular line. Stylish and sophisticated yet competitively priced.This beautiful Italian design brings a nice touch to any office. Its clean fresh look


Sterilport Catalogue

STERILPORT a new approach to a steril environment.
This modular functional unit was designed with a germ free sanitary environment In mind. A place for contaminated material, space for equipment
and storage. There are several compositions available to fit everyones
needs for creating a steril healthy environment.



Wish Catologue

WISH a stylish, practical, colorful dispenser unit designed for all necessary items such as:Cups, masks, napkins, gloves, saliva ejectors, soap, disinfectant and aprons. Choose the dispensers that are needed and available in two sizes.


Oscar Catalogue


OSCAR The dental simulator used in universities and dental training centers. Available also in a multimedia version equipped with screen and Video camera.

Office Decor


KI-PER Cataloque

My life is surrounded by my personal things, they are not my life, but part of me, floating around me in pockets and bags.


Lab Furniture:

Polo Line




POLO an elegant new modular design created for a beautiful functional laboraotory.
This new design was Created with everyone in mind. Sophisticated and Chic, a design for
all spaces large and small. Ideal for professional Laboratories an Universities. POLO speaks for itself.

Lab Line

Lab Catalogue





LAB Line A sleek design created for every laboratory. The LAB Line is all metalConstruction manufactured to last a lifetime. A functional unit created with many different Options to fit all laboratory needs.Accessory options for creating the idealwork space as Well as endless color options available.



Working with Zirconium Safely

MILLY catalog


  DB10 catalog













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